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Chodang relaxation body pillow

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Chodang relaxation body pillow


While modern people live their daily lives and can live while the neck and chest and pelvic waist, etc. that make up the center line of the vertebral body is twisted or bent unwittingly also increasingly becoming hardened to the internal organs and muscles and fascia organs
Thus affects the spine bent or twisted lines away muscle and fascia, organs and organs of the human body stiffened poor blood circulation and metabolism it is easy to be exposed to a variety of diseases
Bent or twisted away harden going vertebral line and organs internal organs given to release the body stiff from time to time in order to rectify them must help the human body to maintain the right body also When releasing the rigid body will be extracted as the mind because the mind This is because it is a by-product of the body made from hardened body thus going to work to relieve my body is essential for maintaining a healthy working life to age 100 years old and is also working tired that my body is craving
One such pillows developed in our company is designed to be maintained smooth blood circulation and metabolism, it relaxes to a given whole body whole body becoming stiff way my body effectively effortlessly using gravity as an investment of a day 20-30 minutes degree The human body pillow designed relaxation Handing Sea Beach and healing space or living room of the home on given once used: 20 to 30 minutes by habitual or bent relax the whole body stiffened to hold just the spine line've twisted thin muscle and fascia, organs and internal organs flexibility to make the blood circulation and metabolism of the body helps to be maintained smoothly also help used by approximately 30 minutes before bedtime when used in a bed make a proper sleep induction and orientation of the hormone melatonin,
EVERYONE use is possible and naturally first use personally pulled united the muscles and fascia according to the state that hold stiff spine line muscles and fascia that united you constantly use, but may include mild pain in the process right that hold As the pulley pain also will disappear naturally This product is not a human as relaxation bedding auxiliary medical devices for relaxation now does not effectively forces the body to go stiff in real time

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Chodang relaxation body pillow